Tuesday, October 28, 2014

March  2015

Disappointed with Slice the Pie and Trying Postloop

I got very frustrated with Slice the Pie. Some of the music is okay, but after listening to not just some very cruddy music, but blatant cursing I couldn't take it. I tried to put in a review being as constructive as possible and messed up another review where it was very difficult to be constructive. Needless to say I haven't worked there in a while. If you can handle it go for it, it's some extra cash.

I'm forum posting over at postloop and trying to get something on oDesk.  http://www.postloop.com/invite/longhair2015. I would appreciate anyone going under me as a referral, but if you choose not to it's up to you.

If you sign up make sure you don't start posting in the postal portal until you hit the subscribe button. You have to register at the postal portal and THEN hit the subscribe button that is sort of in the middle of the page. THEN you make your 10 initial posts in the portal forum where they decide if they want you to continue posting for cash. I messed up on this step and wound up writing 10 more posts. They have numerous forums. Thank you if you do go under me:).

December 2014

I was playing with Slice the Pie and I did earn some money. But their music was honestly driving me completely nuts! If I could stand the music, I think I would stick it out. I got a bunch of rap music with a pile of sexual profanities and swear words and I have not been on there much at all.

I did writing work for a private client. I got to write about a topic I'm really passionate about. It was going to be an ebook, but it wound up reading more like a series of articles. So she wants me to do article work for her as she has it available.

I've been playing with surveys. I remember a fellow wahm who earned a good $1,000 plus a month with a combination of survey, forums, and  private client work. So I am playing with a combination of surveys, overflow work, forums, and I have a love for filming youtube videos. Those don't earn much at this point, I just like sharing and getting feedback.

Irazoo=Survey Site

If you would like to try surveys I'm looking at it like this: You don't have to drive to a location (spending money on gas), you don't have to dress up for work, you can do the surveys while your kids are at school or actively involved in an activity and you can do a survey in 15 minutes. Now that is 1 survey in 10-15 minutes. That is $1-$7. I haven't done a $5 survey yet. I earned $1`this evening in roughly 12 minutes while getting interrupted. I'm going to play with this for a couple of weeks and share what I earned. http://www.irazoo.com/ReferedNewUser.aspx?RefBy=longhair. So you can potentially earn $5-6+ dollars in 1 hr for doing a handful of surveys. It depends on how fast you answer the questions. And it depends on whether you fit what the survey is about.

Survey Savvy

I'm also trying Survey Savvy.

October 28, 2014

It's been a while since I've posted. Writing work online seems to fluctuate so much! I'm contemplating Domainite. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to write with them or not. I've been playing with Slice the Pie. You listen to music for about 90 seconds and then rate it. You write a constructive review (about a paragraph and a half) and you earn .07-.12 cents depending on your review. If you're a reasonable typist and start at the beginning of the song, it's not a bad way to make a little money. http://www.slicethepie.com/?wyd=277414. It's not full time work by any means (that I can make of it). But a fun part time job, sure.

You can choose the music you prefer to listen to. But you will likely have to listen to some music you don't like so much as well. So just be prepared for that.

I heard about another music review site, but I didn't completely sign up for it. If you have a Facebook already it should not be a big deal. I really don't. I can't remember the name of it though.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

September 13, 2013

I am still earning around $100 a month over at Bubblews. There are so many writers not getting paid over there. I feel bad for them since I keep getting paid regularly. I don't know why I'm getting paid regularly, but I am. I've thought numerous times about putting posts on Twitter and promoting with it and other social media. But I'm not sure where the future of Bubblews lies.

They seem like they grew so quickly so fast, that they don't have a big future ahead. I could be wrong. But it's why I really want to put more passion into my hair videos on youtube and my hair blog. It's something I am passionate about and other people must be as well. There is more of an audience for long hair and long hair care than one might think. 

Friday, September 7, 2012

May 7, 2013

I am kind of hoping my long hair blog will pick up more than this blog, but who knows. The client list could be better, but it's there. I have been writing/blogging with Bubblews lately. In one way it's fun to be able to write what ever you want, in another way I wish it earned more. But at least you can cash out at $25 and you only have to write 400 characters (which is roughly a short paragraph) or longer.

If you haven't checked Bubblews out, I would love it if you went through me as a referral.  http://www.bubblews.com/?referral=50b85623650055.03150654. Of course if you are already with Bubblews or you'd prefer not to go through me as a referral, that is cool too. Have fun over there;).

October 18, 2012

I have been thinking more and more about passive income. I have at least 2 clients who I have not heard anything from. Sometimes I hate this line of work. I'd rather have a form of passive income that you keep adding to in time, but it generates income regardless. I enjoy expressing myself through Youtube and I have a somewhat unique angle. But I'm picky about getting the right video to upload. So I wind up rarely being completely happy with what I have uploaded. 

September 24, 2012

I'm writing here-and-there, but I'm getting to where I would just like to make youtube videos on the side and build up my passive income from that and blogging. I enjoy making youtube videos and being helpful. I have a unique audience for my subject too: long hair. Yes, it's boring to some, but obviously not to a lot of other people ha ha.

September 20, 2012

For what ever reason my original blog called longhairandearningonline or something like that is not working. You go to the site and it takes you somewhere else. It's as if it has a virus, or has been hacked or something. So I have moved everything from there to here. The big difference is this blog is purely dedicated to online work from  home. My other blog is all about growing long hair and doing fun styles with it. BIG difference.

I've worked and heard of a number of different writing companies that I'm passing along information about.

Textbroker http://www.textbroker.com/
Almost anyone can writer for Texbroker, but not anyone can earn at least .01 cent per word. I believe there are 5 levels. 3 is about average and does pay .01 cent per word. If you test below a 3 you earn less than .01 cent per word. If you test above a 3 you earn .04 cents and more. Sometimes work on there is scarce.

I've played with hubpages a little bit, but never did much with it. You sign up and write blogs about topics you are familiar with and enjoy. If I'm not mistaken you're paid by the amount of visitors you get to your page and probably some ads they click on while on your page.

Blogmutt   https://www.blogmutt.com/
Blugmutt is relatively new. They are company you get paid to write for, but they have a huge list of companies who go through them to have writers write content for their website. The pay is not too bad at about .03 cents per word - if you're not a professional, magazine-quality writer. Since they are still new they have been changing things as their company progresses. There is a 90% acceptance rate for submitted articles and writer's can edit rejected work. Scott, the owner is pretty nice to work with.

Quality Gal  http://www.qualitygal.com/
I worked with this company a few years ago and they are picky about the quality (which is good), but nice to work with.The pay is good (I can't remember exactly how much, but I know it is good). I think you have to test for them to be accepted as a writer.

Media Piston www.mediapiston.com
I heard about Media Piston through another wahm mom. I signed up and I have only done 2 articles. They don't have a lot of work there, so when you find it you have to grab it fast. Otherwise, the pay isn't that bad. If the client likes your article you get a small bonus. Just make sure you follow what the client wants. They pay once a week.

wahm  http://www.wahm.com/
This is a forum I go to A LOT that is very informative about working from home all together. There are forums about starting your own business, writing online, transcription, and really, too much to list here. It is run by a mom and lots of moms regularly post, so it's a lot of fun. Be careful - don't get addicted to this forum!

Digital Point Forum  http://forums.digitalpoint.com/forumdisplay.php?f=24

This is another forum for writer's - although not just writers. I like this forum to an extent, but I'll warn anyone now that they are used to people from overseas trying to get work. So there are lots of clients looking for people to write for less than 1cent per word as well as writer's offering their writing service for less than .01 per word. It's sad. People deserve more. IF you register to look for work, demand at least .01 per word and more is actually much better. If you take this line of work seriously, you want to write well enough to make yourself and your client look good.

I know there are a lot of other writing companies and sites I've come across before. So as I see them, I'll try to list them here. Plus there are lots of ads on Craig's list for blogging and writing. You just have to be careful just like you would with any other online writing work.

My Blog About Earning Money Online

FORMERLY: Earning money online, longhair and other stuff (I think that's what I called it). I'm moving all of the long hair-related stuff to my hair blog. So this is all related to work online from home. 

Earnings from 2012:

Sept    :
Aug    :
July    :
June   :
May   : $434
April  : $400+
March: $
Feb    :  $ 66
Jan     :  $218

Earnings from 2011:

Dec    : $162 (roughly)
Nov    : $142
Oct     : $ 40
Sept    : $112.50

September 19, 2012

I am working on deleting my old work from home blog because somehow my other one got messed up. You click on it and it takes you to some sort of tax site. Sounds like it may be a virus or something (I hope not!) I moved most of the information over to this blog, but I cleaned it up a lot. It already works a lot better at least for me. Only I don't know how to bring my former followers over here. But here is to playing around with that:).

September 7, 2012

I enjoyed how easy it was to blog about my part-time income from online work, but then my blog starting acting up and I don't know what is  going on with it. At this point I am sort of starting a new one with most of the same information. Only I may dedicate a section to posting current job listings for other wannabe work at home parents or regular people who are out of work and need to earn more money.

July 21, 2012

One of the most annoying thing about freelancing is never knowing exactly how much you will earn for the month. Sometimes that drives me completely nuts! Plus, I've decided that I'm not that fond of Blogmutt. It's not that they're a bad company to work for. Writing for them just has not been working well for me. I have one client that I've had for a couple of months now, but he doesn't give me steady work. The pay is decent, though. I may have nabbed another client who gave me two articles just yesterday, but we'll see how that goes. I don't know if he'll become a regular client or not.

It just means that I will keep advertising my writing service (I should be advertising my illustration services as well - but I'm sure that is priced differently) until I have some clients that give me plenty of work on a regular basic between all of them combined.

Feb 12, 2012

April 29, 2012 I've earned more this month freelancing than I have since I started. I would have earned 4x the amount of my highest earnings to date. But I got ahead of my new client a bit. I am writing numerous articles for him for an online magazine that is right up my alley of knowledge and experience - so it's fun. I can't write quite so much for him right away. BMR is toast, so this is one of a few new writing gigs I had to get and start.

I am also writing for Blogmutt, which is okay. I know a lot about pregnancy and breastfeeding and the clothes that make all of it easier. I originally chose a bunch of pregnancy-related articles from Blogmutt to write about. With freelancing, you always want to have at least a few sources of work so that when one slows down, another is there to make up for less work. I've learned just how much discipline I have as far as accomplishing writing work. I don't actually know how much I earned in March. March was so crazy - I won't even get into that.

 It is not easy to earn a solid income doing this when you have a short attention span like I do. At the same time, I really enjoy the flexibility and even the creativity that you get to put into it. I figured out how to get in and update my blog again, but the computer I'm using for the time being is slooow and stubborn about letting me. I have only earned $66 for February, but no matter what it'll be at least $240 with my current bmr client. I'll wait to see if it comes out to more than that. Potentially, my earnings could be $700 - $800 this month. I would love for it to make it there or higher, but either I type very slowly or I am not nearly as organized as I'd like to be. It's frustrating. I think it's a little bit of both, unfortunately:(.

February 7,2012

I have not been able to update my blog as much lately, mostly because my computer has been acting up. I'll have to update the totals for January, not that they are super impressive or anything.

December 23, 2011

I can't believe there's only 2 days left until Christmas - time flies! Work-wise I have a client I started work for a week and a half ago who pays me to write BMR (Build My Rank) articles for him. I love this work! I enjoyed the first BMR job I did, but the lady scammed me as I mentioned on an earlier post. My other BMR client already paid me for some of the work. He's working on getting me another client with the same kind of work after Christmas.

December 09, 2011

Looking at the Paypal transfers I have done over the past month and a half or so I must have somehow earned about $142 from the end of Oct to the middle of November. That was a very slow time and I was working more with Textbroker to fill in the gaps from clients and overall slow work. We'll see what December brings.

December 02, 2011

June 30, 2011

As I heavily suspected, a very small turn out for this month. I am looking for ad posting and copy paste work. I want to take a break from article writing unless it's subjects that come easy to me and the guidelines don't change without the pay increasing. I've done ad posting before and earned really well compared to some of the rates I've seen. I'd like to get the same kind of work with the same pay. I miss it:(.

June 27, 2011

July 9, 2010

I've updated all of my earnings. The earning don't count a little bit of money that I earned from Textbroker. Since you can take your earnings out once they reach $10 (I think that is the minimum amount) and I let it sit for a few months.

Happy Independence Day! July 4th, 2010

Lots of people are either going to be setting off fireworks tonight or going to see fireworks displays or both.

I wanted to mention that if you are a teen looking for work or extra cash, consider signing up for cash crate. You won't earn a ton of money. But you'll earn enough to go to the movies or get something at the mall. If you want to sign up under me that would be cool too. If you do, you can do that further down on the page.

June 30, 2010

June started off on a very difficult note in my personal life, so earnings for the first half of June have taken a toll. Due to things going on in my personal life it's a little more difficult to make sure I get my work done. I'm a total prayer warrior though and my faith will see me and my family through. July is already starting to look like a higher earning month. But I haven't added everything for June up yet so we'll see just how I did.

May 21, 2010

I applied for a couple of blogging jobs over the last week through craigslist, and one was very close to coming through. The guy was just waiting for the go ahead from me and I was holding out with more questions. I haven't heard from him regarding my last two questions. I don't like that and I am not sure what to make of it. In the mean time I signed up with Constant Content. I have heard about the website, but I'm not too familiar with it. They pay you for your articles if they want to use them. They also have a referral code that you can give fellow writers to sign up under you. They pay something like $15 - $20 an article. SO, it's more monetarily worth it. For me that is going to depend on the word count. It looks like if you are an artist or photographer, you can post your work on their site for sale too. If someone really likes anyone's writing, art or photography they can contact you for more permanent work. That's kind of cool. My referral if someone chooses to sign under me is http://www.constant-content.com/?aref=40099. I'll add more about them as I learn. It looks like you can write about quite a variety of things - so I like that.

April 26,2010

I am kind of liking Firehow. I have taken some of my non-earner articles from ehow and put them on Firehow, and in just a few hours they are already earning! I admit that it is only a few cents per article, but that is just a few hours. It'll be cool to see where those articles are in even a week from now. How they are earning at Firehow but never earned anything at ehow is just...perplexing. My articles are not the first I have heard this happening to.

April 23, 2010 $136 (so far) I'm hoping this hits at least $200 by or before the end of this month.

Quite a few dramatic changes have happened over the last month, so I am impressed that I've kept up with this. I'm steadily writing for Break Studios, and I was one of the automatically accepted writers for Demand Studios. I'm extremely nervous to write for them, but who know how that will go. Once they get my account straightened out I will find out.

March 2010

February 2010

Textbroker: $ 17
Break Studios: 6 articles $ 8
Xbox.: $ (don't know yet...)
Livework: Still no work:(
Mahalo: haven't done work yet...

March 9, 2010
I was putting high income amounts at first because of a situation in my personal life that is slowly starting to change for the better. To make my goal less stressful for me and my easily distracted and forgetful personality, $300 is a good next goal. I actually passed $200 last month when I include ehow earnings. So $300 should be realistic if I'm able to really focus on my work.

February 24, 2010:
I have now written 6 articles for Break Studios that are waiting for payment. I just submitted two more in the last 12 hours and I'm hoping to do another 2 before the night is over. I need to look more closely at their website to see when they pay.
February 22,2010:
Recruiting just added me as one of their writers. So I'll write articles for them, and I do the craigslist ad posts.
I had to more articles approved with Break Studios, so that is cool. And Textbroker took a few more articles. It'll be interesting to see what $$ amount I get up to this month.

February 12,2010:
Mahalo is looking for how-to writers. How-to articles are something I am already familiar with so I applied.I should be sending a sample tomorrow.

February 8, 2010:
I'm not relying on Livework the way I was before, thank goodness. I found another gig that is very similar to Demand Studios. It is called Break Studio. You earn $8 and article, but that is for 250 words or more if you choose, up to 700. I believe Demand pays about $15 an article. I never heard back from them one way or the other. Break Studios just started out, which I like. So they are new and I know a lot of the subjects they need to have written about. I am also writing for Textbroker. It doesn't pay nearly as well as Break Studio, but it's something else to add. Livework is just going to be an extra.

After a stall with Livework yesterday and likely for the rest of the week, I decided to get another steady egg or two. I knew Livework wasn't something to to rely on 100% but kept ignoring that. So I am starting a new project that should more than make up for that. Hopefully, that work starts today or tomorrow.

Break Studio: $48 (so far)
Xbox: (??)
Text broker:

January 26th 2010 My Cash Crate payment is finally here. I want to turn $26 into $100.

December 2009 Total $182.64
Cash Crate: $26.50 should be paid this month around the 15th-$20 is the min payout
Ehow : $16.48 After 2 articles were cut, my earning went down. So I will be surprised if this makes it to $20.
Livework : $139.76
52.25 (what I have earned in just a couple of days with just a handful of hours) ( I was paid $44 of this at the beginning of December.) My earnings after the 15th were $88.52.

I am probably just going to keep it to just these 3 eggs. The Livework one alone should earn roughly $900-$1100 a month and $1200 is what I need. So I think I will get there with extra hard work and the time management we all struggle to find. Drawback is Livework is not all permanent. But I have ideas to work around that.
Jan 2010: As I recently learned, Livework isn't 100% dependable. So I got another writing egg which should be very consistent.

December 2009 $182

livework: total of $156
cash crate: 26.50 I finally got my payment from them from November

Cute Girls Hairstyles

Private client

May 25, 2010

I go to the wahm.com forum A LOT and lately I've been asked a bit more about how to get babies and toddlers into modeling. A number of years ago I got my daughter into modeling, but nothing really came of it. She wasn't really into it as she got a little older. But I learned quite a bit while I tried to get her into the modeling thing.

Baby/Child Modeling

I never paid ANYTHING. My daughter was about 3 at the time, so it was just me taking the photos. The agency I had my daughter with said to take clear, close-up photos of your child. Take a whole role to make sure you can pick about 3-4 really good ones. Make it fun for your child though. Make sure your child is clean, and in solid colors-no prints or logos. Get a stat sheet from the agency or take a piece of typing paper and put your child's name, the date, hair color, eye color, weight, and so on. You'll need to attach the photos to the paper and make about 9 laser copies. You then send those to the agency and they in turn will send them out as companies call them for talent. They then earn money if your child gets work.

Children 5 and up:

Once your child is 5 (I think it's 5, it may be a little older) you are encourage to get the professional head shots. I don't recall it being expected. And the agency either gives you the name of someone who helps you with it or you could trade this service with someone on craigslist and get professional type photos for free. I didn't do it. I would do the craigslist photo trade thing, but I would ask a lot of questions and expect to see a website proving the person is not a weirdo or a scam artist.

This is very light information that I hope if helpful to someone looking to get their young child into baby modeling or child modeling. Be very wary of any agency on the web. There shouldn't be any insurance fee-that is a scam.

Another things to try is looking under the talent section of craigslist. There are usually posts for all kinds of work. A lot of it is for teens and older, but sometimes there is work for younger kids too. It depends on where you live. And again, you have to be careful about getting work on craigslist too. Follow your gut instinct.

One more thing, ethnicity gets the upper hand. If your child is a mixed race, Chinese, or not caucasian your child is more apt to get model work.

Check Page Rank

Cute Girls Hairstyles