Friday, September 7, 2012

May 7, 2013

I am kind of hoping my long hair blog will pick up more than this blog, but who knows. The client list could be better, but it's there. I have been writing/blogging with Bubblews lately. In one way it's fun to be able to write what ever you want, in another way I wish it earned more. But at least you can cash out at $25 and you only have to write 400 characters (which is roughly a short paragraph) or longer.

If you haven't checked Bubblews out, I would love it if you went through me as a referral. Of course if you are already with Bubblews or you'd prefer not to go through me as a referral, that is cool too. Have fun over there;).

October 18, 2012

I have been thinking more and more about passive income. I have at least 2 clients who I have not heard anything from. Sometimes I hate this line of work. I'd rather have a form of passive income that you keep adding to in time, but it generates income regardless. I enjoy expressing myself through Youtube and I have a somewhat unique angle. But I'm picky about getting the right video to upload. So I wind up rarely being completely happy with what I have uploaded. 

September 24, 2012

I'm writing here-and-there, but I'm getting to where I would just like to make youtube videos on the side and build up my passive income from that and blogging. I enjoy making youtube videos and being helpful. I have a unique audience for my subject too: long hair. Yes, it's boring to some, but obviously not to a lot of other people ha ha.

September 20, 2012

For what ever reason my original blog called longhairandearningonline or something like that is not working. You go to the site and it takes you somewhere else. It's as if it has a virus, or has been hacked or something. So I have moved everything from there to here. The big difference is this blog is purely dedicated to online work from  home. My other blog is all about growing long hair and doing fun styles with it. BIG difference.

I've worked and heard of a number of different writing companies that I'm passing along information about.

Almost anyone can writer for Texbroker, but not anyone can earn at least .01 cent per word. I believe there are 5 levels. 3 is about average and does pay .01 cent per word. If you test below a 3 you earn less than .01 cent per word. If you test above a 3 you earn .04 cents and more. Sometimes work on there is scarce.

I've played with hubpages a little bit, but never did much with it. You sign up and write blogs about topics you are familiar with and enjoy. If I'm not mistaken you're paid by the amount of visitors you get to your page and probably some ads they click on while on your page.

Blugmutt is relatively new. They are company you get paid to write for, but they have a huge list of companies who go through them to have writers write content for their website. The pay is not too bad at about .03 cents per word - if you're not a professional, magazine-quality writer. Since they are still new they have been changing things as their company progresses. There is a 90% acceptance rate for submitted articles and writer's can edit rejected work. Scott, the owner is pretty nice to work with.

Quality Gal
I worked with this company a few years ago and they are picky about the quality (which is good), but nice to work with.The pay is good (I can't remember exactly how much, but I know it is good). I think you have to test for them to be accepted as a writer.

Media Piston
I heard about Media Piston through another wahm mom. I signed up and I have only done 2 articles. They don't have a lot of work there, so when you find it you have to grab it fast. Otherwise, the pay isn't that bad. If the client likes your article you get a small bonus. Just make sure you follow what the client wants. They pay once a week.

This is a forum I go to A LOT that is very informative about working from home all together. There are forums about starting your own business, writing online, transcription, and really, too much to list here. It is run by a mom and lots of moms regularly post, so it's a lot of fun. Be careful - don't get addicted to this forum!

Digital Point Forum

This is another forum for writer's - although not just writers. I like this forum to an extent, but I'll warn anyone now that they are used to people from overseas trying to get work. So there are lots of clients looking for people to write for less than 1cent per word as well as writer's offering their writing service for less than .01 per word. It's sad. People deserve more. IF you register to look for work, demand at least .01 per word and more is actually much better. If you take this line of work seriously, you want to write well enough to make yourself and your client look good.

I know there are a lot of other writing companies and sites I've come across before. So as I see them, I'll try to list them here. Plus there are lots of ads on Craig's list for blogging and writing. You just have to be careful just like you would with any other online writing work.

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