Tuesday, October 28, 2014

March  2015

Disappointed with Slice the Pie and Trying Postloop

I got very frustrated with Slice the Pie. Some of the music is okay, but after listening to not just some very cruddy music, but blatant cursing I couldn't take it. I tried to put in a review being as constructive as possible and messed up another review where it was very difficult to be constructive. Needless to say I haven't worked there in a while. If you can handle it go for it, it's some extra cash.

I'm forum posting over at postloop and trying to get something on oDesk.  http://www.postloop.com/invite/longhair2015. I would appreciate anyone going under me as a referral, but if you choose not to it's up to you.

If you sign up make sure you don't start posting in the postal portal until you hit the subscribe button. You have to register at the postal portal and THEN hit the subscribe button that is sort of in the middle of the page. THEN you make your 10 initial posts in the portal forum where they decide if they want you to continue posting for cash. I messed up on this step and wound up writing 10 more posts. They have numerous forums. Thank you if you do go under me:).

December 2014

I was playing with Slice the Pie and I did earn some money. But their music was honestly driving me completely nuts! If I could stand the music, I think I would stick it out. I got a bunch of rap music with a pile of sexual profanities and swear words and I have not been on there much at all.

I did writing work for a private client. I got to write about a topic I'm really passionate about. It was going to be an ebook, but it wound up reading more like a series of articles. So she wants me to do article work for her as she has it available.

I've been playing with surveys. I remember a fellow wahm who earned a good $1,000 plus a month with a combination of survey, forums, and  private client work. So I am playing with a combination of surveys, overflow work, forums, and I have a love for filming youtube videos. Those don't earn much at this point, I just like sharing and getting feedback.

Irazoo=Survey Site

If you would like to try surveys I'm looking at it like this: You don't have to drive to a location (spending money on gas), you don't have to dress up for work, you can do the surveys while your kids are at school or actively involved in an activity and you can do a survey in 15 minutes. Now that is 1 survey in 10-15 minutes. That is $1-$7. I haven't done a $5 survey yet. I earned $1`this evening in roughly 12 minutes while getting interrupted. I'm going to play with this for a couple of weeks and share what I earned. http://www.irazoo.com/ReferedNewUser.aspx?RefBy=longhair. So you can potentially earn $5-6+ dollars in 1 hr for doing a handful of surveys. It depends on how fast you answer the questions. And it depends on whether you fit what the survey is about.

Survey Savvy

I'm also trying Survey Savvy.

October 28, 2014

It's been a while since I've posted. Writing work online seems to fluctuate so much! I'm contemplating Domainite. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to write with them or not. I've been playing with Slice the Pie. You listen to music for about 90 seconds and then rate it. You write a constructive review (about a paragraph and a half) and you earn .07-.12 cents depending on your review. If you're a reasonable typist and start at the beginning of the song, it's not a bad way to make a little money. http://www.slicethepie.com/?wyd=277414. It's not full time work by any means (that I can make of it). But a fun part time job, sure.

You can choose the music you prefer to listen to. But you will likely have to listen to some music you don't like so much as well. So just be prepared for that.

I heard about another music review site, but I didn't completely sign up for it. If you have a Facebook already it should not be a big deal. I really don't. I can't remember the name of it though.